Dr. Surinder Singh Thakur

M.A., M.Ed.,M.Phil.(Pol. Sc. & Edu.), Ph.D. (Edu.), NET(Edu.), SET (Pol. Sc.)

Contact - 99145-66493(Mob.)


Message From Principal's Desk

        It gives me pleasure to know that the management of Baba Mangal Singh Institute of Education, Bughipura, with good qualities of head and heart and competent faculty members, will provide good education to the new entrants in the teaching profession.

      Teaching is a very nobel profession. The teacher holds an important place in the society. He is the key figure and the most important element in the educative process. His personality has vital influence on the pupils' learning , manners, behaviour and above all on their character and personality

      Dr. S. Radhakrishanan has apparently remarked, "Teacher's place in the society is of vital importance, he acts as the point of transmission of intellectual tradition and technical skill from generation and helps to keep the lamp of civilization burning"

      As will be the teacher, so will be the students. So, teacher should not only preach but should practice also.He should act as an example in front of his students. He has to be a good learner if he wants to be a good teacher because 'A lamp can never light another lamp unless it continues to burn it's own flame'.

      With this note, I wish best of luck to all the teachers and 'would be teachers' of Baba Mangal Singh Institute of Education