Vision: The vision of the institute is to equip well qualified, farsighted, responsible, honest, democratic, skilled and innovative teachers for the society by imbibing in them a desire of excellence, development of right attitude, critical thinking, missionary zeal, virtues, values and quality of head and heart.
Mission: Baba Mangal Singh Institute of Education, Bughipura (Moga) marches ahead with a mission statement “Education is Light.” It also aims at upliftment of rural students and to produce dynamic and competent teachers with ingraining competencies and dedication to the progress of society through preservation, creation and application of knowledge in entering the global scenario.
Values: The stated values of the institute are student centeredness, professional development and scholarship, integrity and ethics, respect, innovation and flexibility, team work and collaboration.
The Mission of the institute is in accordance with the needs of the society and the students. It seeks to serve the social sector as it is located on the Moga Barnala Road, which is culturally rich but the geographical location has impeded intellectual growth in this area. Most students seeking education from the institute are from rural areas. So the Vision and mission statements are in keeping with intellectual potential and needs of this region and are made known to various stake holders as they are printed on Institute Prospectus, mentioned on institute web-site and Institute walls.
• To make curriculum more relevant and flexible with the use of innovative techniques and professional skills.
• To create total quality culture with proactive participation of the students.
• By using formal and informal strategies to evaluate students learning and ensure continuous intellectual and social development.
• To use multiple teaching and learning strategies to engage students in active learning opportunities that promote the development of critical thinking, problem solving and performance capabilities that helps students identify and learning use learning resources.